Strange Souvenirs drop captivating new single, "Slight Mod"

Having featured on a track earlier in the year Strange Souvenirs just last Friday released their first studio single since 2021's "Beaches". "Slight Mod" is the new tune and for me, it sounds like it has been well worth the wait with its (frankly) captivating intro.
Breathtaking and captivating, "Slight Mod" sounds like a modern classic.

What we have on "Slight Mod" is waves of shimmering guitars laced with a subtle synth wallowing underneath and a percussion section that can even get your feet tapping.

The fact that there are some organs heard on the track and some strings further enhances the listening experience, and on my first play of the track, I felt like I was at home with an old friend. There are lots of nostalgic tones here without it sounding like they're copying anyone.