THE VIRGINIA PLANES unveils their bold new single, "Grounded"

Right out of Heidelberg in Germany is THE VIRGINIA PLANES and recently the band unveiled their new single, "Grounded". The single is just their second-ever studio release since forming but when you listen to it you'd easily think that they're on the large venue scene in their native land.

"Grounded" is a huge-sounding track with folk, shoegaze, and post-punk effects.

Opening up with a tremendously bold sounding guitar it's already adorned with washed-out tones before some hazy vocals seemingly come rolling in. The track sounds so big for a duo and highlights how good the band truly is.

The sounds you can hear on "Grounded" are a fine blend of soaring stadium rock, traditional folk-inspired percussion, and post-punk guitar effects - all the while keeping the tone of the track somewhat subdued. It's honestly one of those anthemic slow jams that need to be listened to at least once by every soul on the planet - it's huge!