Crux unveils brand new tune, "Empty Home"

Coming out of the ever-amazing scene in Newcastle-upon-Tyne is Crux, and the band have recently unveiled their brand new tune, "Empty Home". The new single is their second since the release of their 2021 EP - "Death at the Cash Machine" - and it sounds like that the quartet have nailed it!

The smooth vocals at the start of the song hooked me in an instant, and with some delightful leaping guitar tones I'm hit with the sound of those brighter Radiohead tones. Vocally it's stunning with and with those crisp backing vocals equalizing it off I was honestly left adding this song to my personal Spotify playlist by tracks end.

With hints of Interpol, Radiohead and Air Traffic it sounds like Crux have now refined their sound to the point where the sky is the limit! So do be sure to check out the single on Spotify, and don't be shy either to check out their previous tracks!