Dorine Levy shares striking new track, "Tough Love"

Isreal's Dorine Levy has returned and she's recently shared her striking new track, "Tough Love", which is the third release of the year from the Tel-Aviv singer-songwriter.

Speaking about the song Dorine says - "It's a song of resilience in love."

Captivating and moody, but perfectly balanced.

From the very first notes, it's evident that this song was crafted to evoke an emotional response from its listeners. The combination of moody guitars that sound cherry-picked from The Cure's back catalog, and commanding vocal tones sets you up for a ride from the get-go.

The feeling is somewhat enchanting when listening to the song, I guess it's down to the consistent tempo of it all. Stumbling upon a track like this makes it all worth it, and I found myself very quickly adding this to my personal library!