Ethan Senger unveils his new single, "Standing Still"

Atlanta, Georgia-based singer-songwriter Ethan Senger has recently unveiled his new single, "Standing Still", which doubles up as the lead track from his latest EP.

One of the most charming Soft-Rock tunes we've heard come out of the USA for a while.

The charming new single showcases Ethan's incredibly smooth vocal tones, and with a bed of crisp acoustic guitars underlining it you can't help but compare him to the likes of Ed Sheeran. It's when the twinkling keyboard tones come in that I felt this warm fuzz inside of me, it's such an uplifting slice of Soft-Rock with a bright Acoustic sheen.

Speaking about the song Ethan says - " ... "Standing Still" explores the oft relatable themes of unresolved emotional wounds from childhood, as well as feigned indifference and the games people play when it comes to cultivating meaningful relationships, and also stagnancy due to fear of failure coupled with the ever increasing worldly distractions of his always-plugged-in generation."

If you like what you hear do be sure to check out his Spotify page for more of the same, and do stick around to the end of this track, it takes a turn and goes into the Indie-Rock genre with an epic chunky guitar moment.