Ewan Sim reveals new single, "Meaning of Life"

Following on from 2022's "Strawberry Perfume" Mancchester-based Ewan Sim is now back with another slice of soulful pop, "Meaning of Life". With love from the likes of Clash Magazine and played by BBC Introducing Manchester so it's no wonder this song is epic.
... so charging and yet so refreshing. 

Of course one of the main highlights of the track is Ewan's simply captivating vocal tones, and you're welcomed into the new single with his voice dominating proceedings, backed up with a simplistic warm synth.

It's not too long to wait for the track to explode into a symphony of sound, evolving as it goes and getting more anthemic too. Towards the latter end of the track, there's this slight Brit-pop feel to it, so charging and yet so refreshing.