Fragile Creatures reveals new track, "Raised By Fools"

Brighton outfit Fragile Creatures released their brand new track at the tail end of July, titled "Raised By Fools" It's the first slice of music from the South Coast band in 2023 and showcases this warm sliding guitar that'll be sure to get your attention.

Fresh and charming with a blend of Americana, Country, and Alt-Rock sounds.

The ever-consistent band has been releasing music since 2012 and it honestly now sounds like they've refined their sound down to what we have before our eyes, it's a captivating slice of Americana mixed with twanging Country tones and Alt-Rock sensibilities.

Vocally it's so incredibly warming and I personally felt myself getting this fuzzy feeling when I heard it, almost like an old friend giving you a hug after a bad day. The track was written during a lockdown in the UK, and to be honest, I can feel that within the song, a sense of isolation and yet with a glimmer of optimism.

In short, this new track by Fragile Creatures is a great example of the Brighton music scene, there's always something new and fresh that'll get your attention, and long may they continue!