Frances Hope unveils stunning new single, "Paradigm"

Hailing from Victoria in Canada is rising star Frances Hope, and at the start of August saw the singer-songwriter unveil her stunning new single, "Paradigm". The latest cut from Frances comes in a long line of strong singles stretching back to 2020 when she first started to release tracks.

Frances' vocals is what fuels the track for me, and when they come out and into your ears you can't help but get a warm fuzzy feeling wash all over you. Instrumentally it's crisp and to the point, with a punchy drumbeat that'll entice you to match the beat with your foot - even if you don't usually.

With a trio of tracks out now in 2023 it sounds like Frances will easily reach 50k plays on Spotify by the end of the year, just be sure to keep an ear and an eye out for new tunes when they drop.