Gemfaire releases her debut single "Chat GPT"

Hailing from Santa Barbara in California is a new hyper-pop artist, Gemfaire ie her name and recently she released her debut single "Chat GPT". The artist also goes by the name of Ami Inu, and if that name is familiar to you it's because she's got over a million followers spread over TikTok and Instagram. 

Synth and bass heavy with dreamy vocals, bringing me big Grimes tones.

As you start off listening to the track it's got a slight lo-fi guitar tone to it, and as it goes by more delightful tones are added. It's a real charmer of a track and the fact that her vocals are ever-so-sweet it entices you to stick with the sugary track, almost like an addiction.

Speaking about the track she says - "My single explores love in the face of our rapidly digitizing world and considers our options as we careen towards the singularity."

The bass and synth-heavy chorus are a welcome treat too, very driving, and will certainly get a good few remixers interested as it's got a perfect bassy tempo. Since the track has been released she's got the track onto several Spotify playlists, not bad for a debut track whatsoever!