Inland Murmur returns with strong new outing, "Glimpses Through Trees"

The brilliant Inland Murmur from Wales has returned with their strong new outing, "Glimpses Through Trees". The new single comes after a two year break from releasing music, and it by the sound of it the time off was well spent by refining their sound.

An epic return, keep an eye on Inland Murmur they're going places.

"Glimpses Through Trees" is a strong track from the very first few bars, we've got a soaring guitar riff flowing through our ears and it's not long before the track mellows down with those sweet and sing-along worthy vocals. 

The drive on this single is fantastic, it's well paced and will certainly be a crowd pleaser at their live shows for years to come. I can easily see this being a crowd pleaser when festival season is in full swing, the guitar tones alone will get plenty of new listeners interested.