Kendall Bowser unveils new cut, "You Don't Call Me"

The amazing Kendall Bowser is back and she has recently unveiled a relaxing new cut, "You Don't Call Me", and with over 15k plays already on the track this could be the one that pushes her into the limelight.

Speaking about the track Kendall mentions - " ... "You Don’t Call Me" is a high-energy song that came through the aftermath of a break-up. This song is the 'realization' part of the process."

The song explores the toxic side that her previous partner had, and you can hear the angst in the lyrics at the end of the chorus, "you don't call me anymore", almost acting as a breath of relief for her. With the track having this Folk sound to it you get the chance to delve deep into the soulful vocals that Kendall beholds and her intricate lyrics, which can really hit home to a lot of people who have been through the same experiences.

This song is for fans of Maggie Rogers and the more acoustic side of Kacey Musgraves, so if you love them this song will be right up your street.