Luch Stefano reveals upbeat new tune, "Butterflies"

Eastbourne singer-songwriter Luch Stefano just a few days ago revealed his incredibly upbeat and addictive new tune, "Butterflies".

Vocally perfect and musically mesmerizing.

Vocally striking is what you'd probably say in the beginning as his tones are at the forefront, reminding me somewhat of Brendon Urie his delivery and like a smoother version of Ed Sheeran in other places. The fact that we're even comparing him against two of the finest vocalists in the world is a testament to how solid Luch Stefano is.

Musically it's got this gritty acoustic undertone with an abundance of strings to give plenty of depth. I'm honestly in awe of the track in general, and speaking about the track the South Coast singer-songwriter says - "The song was crafted entirely in the comfort of my bedroom, where I poured my heart and soul into every element. I wanted "Butterflies" to evoke raw emotions and offer hope for a musical career filled with passion and authenticity, rather than settling for a relationship where someone's heart isn't fully invested."

With a growing fanbase on the social channels I'm sure this won't be the last time we've heard of Luch Stefano.