LØVE reveals their thrilling new track, "OUTLIER VOICES"

Having only just started to release music this year LØVE OUTLIER are going all out with their tracks, and the latest effort from the Canadian-based outfit is, "VOICES". What we have on "VOICES" is an incredibly atmospheric drumbeat pulsating the track like a heart jacked up on caffeine, add in some truly unique vocals and the track will certainly last long in your memory.
A trilling slice of post-punk

Speaking about the track LØVE  mentions " ... "VOICES is a nostalgic anthem for those who have gone through mental health struggles with a hook that gets ingrained in your head."

The guitars on this are so full on, right in your face but not in an offensive way whatsoever. With this song I get big Blink-182 and KennyHoopla vibes, and much like those two acts this track is just as exciting.