Päter reveals new track, "Something // Way"

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Päter has today revealed their brand new track, "Something // Way". The new song acts as the third outing of theirs this year and with Päter still riding high from the viral tune "Dam, Damn" this new track will easily find it's way into people's heart.

A clean blend of indie-rock tones with a pop sheen.

The track is one of those classic indie-rock tracks that has been touched by some pop-gods. Vocally it's got this tone that'll have you humming it back in no time, and mixed into the chorus is this very surf-friendly guitar tones that really compliments it.

With a crisp percussion backing up the track we can find ourselves hearing influences from a variety of genres, rock, surf, and indie-pop - all the while sounding so familiar, like a best friend giving you a call.

Speaking about the track Päter says - "It's a song about stop/starting and getting in your own way." With a string of strong releases already this year alone, it won't be much longer before Päter has a track that'll go viral, and this could be it!