Patryk Kania returns with his new single, "Boating"

The ever consistent Patryk Kania has returned with his dark-pop-infused new single, "Boating". The single is wrapped in a deep dark-pop wrap, which when I closed by eyes I thought of a deep ocean-blue colour that pulsates in front of your eyes.

Aesthetically pleasing with dreamy vocals that teeter on the realms of dark-pop.

There's a great and effortless synth underlying the intro, and when Patryk's vocals come in the track heads down that dark-pop route. When the chorus comes it feels like the track comes alive, and with a wonky bassline now added to proceedings it's even more alive with a tempo that is screaming to be remixed into a floor-filler.

Speaking about the track Kania mentions " ... "Boating" weaves a haunting tale of seeking closeness in all the wrong places."  This is something I'd call 'coś specjalnego', it's something special that can easily find it's way into your dark-pop playlists without hesitation.