Quiet Tongues returns with big new tune, "She's Velvet"

Rising London act Quiet Tongues have returned with their big new tune, "She's Velvet'. It's their first tune of 2023 and what a return it is, with a frantic and bold start to the song, reminding the listener quickly what they're all about.

A sensational return for one of London's rising guitar bands. 

The fizzing guitars are once again back and prominent throughout with some strong vocals once again pushing their way into your ears. What we have on "She's Velvet" is a jagged and angular guitar sound which once again gets me all nostalgic for The Strokes when they burst onto the scene.

The addition of some backing vocals going 'la la la...' also added some more depth to the track giving it that danceable appeal, although I'm sure if you saw this track performed live it would be more moshing than dancing!