Roman Candles releases new track, "Radium Girl"

Coming out of Charlotte in the USA is Roman Candles, and at the tail end of July saw the outfit release their new track, "Radium Girl", which is their second outing of 2023. The band has had success with their first two main releases, 2020's "Proximo" (their debut track album) and the 7-track effort 2021's "The City is Closed".
Undeniably addictive and charming.

The alt-rock band has brought together a rather delicious collection of influences ranging from David Bowie to the Belgian act Balthazar, and the result is a smooth blend of 70s weirdness with the charming tones that the latter beholds.

"Radium Girl" also has a perfect amount of psychedelic tones mixed in to give you a truly immersive experience, and on that front, the vocals just add to the depth of the song too. The new single is a big step forward for Roman Candles and with the track having several sub-genres of rock mixed in there's something for everyone here!