[SAMPLE_TEXT] reveals bold new tune, "Poverty Dream"

Coming out of Anchorage in Alaska is [SAMPLE_TEXT] and they've recently revealed their scorchingly bold new tune, "Poverty Dream", which is the first slice of music since they released their debut EP back in 2021.

"Poverty Dream' is a true melting pot of sounds.

The intro to the song is rather epic, and the first 52 seconds of the track has this guitar tone that new fans may be put off by, but please do stick through the post-grunge tones as they soon blend nicely into some post-punk sounding noises - which we love.

It's a very edgy track with angular tones to match, and vocally what we have is a hazy affair that wouldn't sound out of place on a psychedelic track. For fans of guitar music, this is almost like heaven as every sub-genre is seemingly featured at some point, a true melting pot of sounds.