Shooting Galleries releases powerful new song, "Swan Song"

Shooting Galleries releases a tender, and a yet powerful, new song, "Swan Song". The latest offering from the London-based quintet is the first outing since 2022's single "Demon Days" and I have to admit that this track really gripped me from the get-go.
Gripping from the get-go.

A reverb-laden guitar draws you in and soon after the captivating vocals come in, and it's here that you'll start to sink into the track like you're stepping into a warm bath. You're getting all loose and relaxed, but as soon as you snuggle down a powerful guitar comes in, soaring its way across the sky.

The song feels like it's comprised of two, but blended perfectly into one. So head on down and check this lot out live and on Spotify if you're after more!