Tally Spear shares her new tune, "Imposter"

Rising fast is London-based singer-songwriter Tally Spear, and she has recently shared her fantastic new tune, "Imposter".With support from BBC Radio 1 and BBC Introducing London, it's very clear that she is on course for big things, and once you have heard her latest single you'll also be on that fast-chugging hype train.
"Imposter" is huge, I can easily see Tally Spear blowing up off the back of this tune.

A strong and singular guitar kicks off the track with Tally's moody vocals before the track welcomes a howling chorus filled with a shedload of hooks. 

The whole feeling I get from the chorus brings me back to the 2000's punk-rock/punk-pop and post-punk scene, I'm getting Linkin' Park tones all the way to more contemporary Bloc Party-type soaring guitars.

The Tl;Dr on this would easily be summed up as... sensational, I honestly can see Tally Spear getting absolutely huge off the back of this.