The Tearless Life unveils debut single, "Conversations With Angels"

The Tearless Life are based out of a sleepy town in Yorkshire called Todmorden, and recently the act has unveiled their dark and moody debut single, "Conversations With Angels".

A moody and dark debut single, truly immersive.

What happens when you first listen to "Conversations With Angels" is that you'll find yourself immersed into the haunting sounds right away, a playful pipe-tone is welcoming you into the darkness and it's there you're hooked.

Dark vocals roll over the track like a misty fog and soon it's not long before the track takes a slight turn for psychedelic sounds. The song's production is a labyrinth of sonic textures, where reverberating synths intertwined with haunting electronic tones.

The debut single is backed up with a B-side if you wanna check more from The Tearless Love.