Under Delusion reveals anthemic new single, "Burning Under Water"

The trio of Under Delusion have returned with their mighty new track, "Burning Under Water", which could be their biggest track to date if you ask me. Following on from a string of releases starting back in just 2020 the band has gone onto get well over a million streams, hitting up plenty of Spotify editorial playlists along the way.
This is a massive taste of their new album, it's already got me excited!

The new cut is one of those tracks that'll have you humming it back to yourself all day, even from the start I could feel myself getting into the rhythm of the track. With some soaring guitars dotted here and there in the track it gives it that anthemic sheen that'll have you coming back to this tune time and time again.

"Burning Under Water" acts a massive teaser of their new album, so if I were you give them a follow on the social channels, something big is coming!