woon shares their debut single, "Pet Names"

There's always something special about the first time, regardless of what it is, and at the tail end of July saw Hasting-based trio - woon - share their debut single, "Pet Names". The band rose out of the ashes of fellow Hasting-based bands Somnians, Blabbermouth and Dorey the Wise to name a few.

A great debut single!

"Pet Names" sounds like the type of track that is the start of something magical, and of course the band members aren't new to this so of course there's going to be some expectation they know how to use a guitar for example, but I wasn't ready for exactly how good this would be.

The tune opens up with some grunge-inspired drums and warbling guitars before a hazy vocal comes in, and it's here you feel almost taken back to the early 90s rock scene. I'm getting nostalgic vibes of Weezer, Pavement and even tickles of Nirvana.

It's a great debut single, so do be sure to head to their socials to make sure you don't miss not even a single track drop!