Wotts drop their jangly new single, "be kind"

 The ever-lovable Canadian duo of Wotts have today dropped their jangly new single, "be kind". The new tune comes in a long line of tracks that has got our attention, and this one is sitting pretty at the top.

A truly jangly slice of indie-pop, Wotts are at their finest here!

It's classic Wotts, but what the intro has is one of the brightest and most shimmering tones going as when the vocals come in there's this trickling space-ship launch sound which to me sounds like it was taken out of a childhood TV show.

The whole vibe of the song is summer-ready and gave me a long lasting impression of optimism and good-times with your mates. There is a clear reason why Wotts are loved by thousands of people, and "be kind" is a fine example of their jangly indie-pop tunes that can easily work their way into your playlists.