Maria Lane unveils acoustically charged new single, "35 days"

Hailing from Brooklyn in the USA is Maria Lane, and today sees the singer-songwriter unveil her acoustically charged new single, "35 days". The new single is one of her strongest outings since she started to release music back in 2021 - with plenty of demos and old recordings being found on her Soundcloud page.

Simply angelic vocals.

One thing that struck me from the get-go as the track started was her vocals, they're simply mesmerizing, a blend of Kacey Musgraves with the notes being held in such an angelic days suggesting that she is on course for massive things.

Lyrically it's a track most can relate to, and with the clean instrumentation backing it up there's something for everybody. With this track setting to feature on her forthcoming EP you need to consider giving her a follow on the socials do you don't miss a beat.