Perry Ripley drops the punchy new single, "G.T.F.O"

Brighton's very own Perry Ripley has recently dropped his punchy new single, "G.T.F.O". The new offering comes off the back of him releasing his "Sinner" earlier on this year.

As you kick things off you're welcomed to Perry's world with his moody and captivating vocals, all the while backed up with some deep synths that could easily soundtrack a Stranger Things episode. It's so dark, atmospheric and with lyrics that are incredibly relatable for anyone going through a break-up it just hits home.

"G.T.F.O" is a great track for anyone who needs a release of emotion in any way, simply sensational.

A word of caution, this is not the type of tune you should blast while at work - like I done earlier today - but when at home, in the car, on the bus feel free to crank it up.  

Speaking about the new tune Perry says - " ... "G.T.F.O" is a written around the inner monologue of someone going through a break-up. The person the song is about is a musician who is very well-known in the industry who I had a fleeting relationship with a while ago, however I do not name any names as they know who they are. I wrote this track on piano then built around it in the studio to achieve an alternative electro-rock sound that anyone who has been through a slow break-up can relate too."