SAER returns with his dreamy cover of "I Walk The Line" by Johnny Cash

The one and only SAER today has returned with a dreamy cover of "I Walk The Line" by Johnny Cash. 
The cover of Cash's iconic single has taken it from a classic 70s tune and has transported it into the 2020's dream-pop scene.
Haunting and dreamy, a fantastic slice of how you can take a track that's 50 years old and turn it into a dream-pop track.

The new take gives the listener a delicate balance of piano keys and tender vocal hooks and leads them through a dreamscape, with it teetering on dark-pop tones.

It's so haunting and dreamy that this could easily have been released in the 1980s it's got that much of a punch to it. Nostalgia has come head on with dream-pop tones and it's a daring departure from the original, once again suggesting that SAER is one of the finest musicians the UK currently has.