Stefan West releases new single, "Take What You Need"

Coming out of Geelong in Australia is Stefan West with his charming new offering, "Take What You Need". The new single is the first taste of Stefan's full-length debut album, "Cambridge", and really gets the wheels in motion as this is one deep delve into his sound.

An infectious blend of country-tones and indie-pop.

As you'll be able to hear in the song, "Take What You Need" features a warm country-style guitar throughout and even a smattering of brass instruments towards the latter third.  It's truly a treat for your ears, and with vocals that are so inviting you'll soon be humming back the track by the end of the first listen.

An infectious blend of country-tones and indie-pop, this has really got us hooked for what's to come - and if you feel the same way be sure to follow him on the socials!