Subterranean Street Society drops new track, "God Couldn't Save The Queen"

The Netherland's act Subterranean Street Society today have dropped their brand new single, "God Couldn't Save The Queen", which comes one year since the passing of our dearly beloved Queen.

Speaking about the song the band says - "The lyrics tell a story about being born into privilege and the absurdity that comes with worshiping a vanished colonial superpower. Why do we still cling so tenaciously to this?"
... this song is pretty damn powerful!

Politics aside this song is very powerful with the angular guitar welcoming you in with an almost twanging sound heard in Americana music. Vocals on this are pretty slick too, with some harmonies giving it added depth too. The swagger of the song is amazing, with an almost strutting-your-thang beat to the song giving it that slight punk-edge to it.

Having previously having had their music featured under the Netflix-original 'Ragnarok', they've got clear of a million streams on Spotify with loads of playlist placements too - regardless of political agenda this song is pretty damn powerful!