Arden Alexa shares her feisty new track, "Petty Bitch"

Hailing from San Francisco, CA is Arden Alexa and just under a week ago saw her share her feisty new track, "Petty Bitch".

The new cut is lifted off her new EP "22" and sits in that sweet-spot slap bang in the middle, and it's the type of track that I can easily see lots of fans jumping around to. The blend of angsty lyrics and bursts of punk-rock guitars suggests that Arden Alexa is channeling her inner punk here.

Equally punk, pop and angsty.

The tempo of the track is perfect with plenty of pop hooks that can easily get the most casual of listener on board. Speaking about the song Arden mentions - "After a dramatic friend breakup left me feeling both sad and angry. What began as just a joke quickly turned into a sort of therapy for me, a way to channel my anger into something so outrageously fun that I was able to work through my feelings about the situation."

With a whole EP backing this track up it's certainly a great gateway song into Arden and her sounds, so if you like this do be sure to check out the other tracks.