Cordelia Gartside releases her brand new single, "16xo"

Cordelia Gartside today has released her brand new single, "16xo", which is the first release since her 2017 EP "Medea" came out, and it's also the first since she flew past the 500k stream mark on Spotify.

Indeed it's been a long wait but the quality of what Gartside has produced can easily excuse her presence. "16xo" is a sweet single that focuses a lot on her soulful and angelic vocal tones, with the track taking a very mellow approach by using some simplistic drums and delightful blips of guitars.
Sweet vocals and and delightful blips of guitars laid on a bed of dream-pop.

Speaking of the track Cordelia mentions - "This is the story of a story of innocence lost and catharsis gained for a teenage girl and the woman she will become." It's no wonder she has performed at the legendary Glastonbury Music Festival, if anything she needs to be headlining stages if you ask me. 

For more stunning pieces of music feel free to check her Spotify and Soundcloud pages out.