Ghost Prom unveils their dreamy new folk-lead single, "Let Me Alone"

Ghost Prom today have unveiled their brand new single, "Let Me Alone", which acts as just their second single since the release of their "Don't Die" EP back in 2021.

The track is a short affair but it really packs a punch, especially on the first play. You're welcomed into the track with a warm guitar tone before some vocals come rolling in, and it's here when you'll feel yourself just melt into your chair and have an outer-body experience.

Short but it certainly will leave a long lasting impression on you!

"Let Me Alone" is the type of track that straddles a few sub-genres, you can hear sliding country-style guitars here mixed with more Americana-Noir tones underlining it all. Of course it's primarily a folk single based off the instrumentation here and vocal approach, but regardless of definition this track sits up there with the very best.

"Let Me Alone" is the second single off of the couple's upcoming debut album release, "Void, Sweet Void" - out on the 17th of November via Indiana-based Indie label, Wally Opus Records.