Lonely Gimmick releases his new single , "Roll Me Over"

Rising out of the scene over in Dunstable is bedroom-pop act Lonely Gimmick, and recently he has released his new single , "Roll Me Over". The new single acts as the artists second of the year and  is the final single by Lonely Gimmick before the release of their first album "Stay At Home to Sleep In" - due to be released in 2024.

Energetic, jangly and vibrant

The track opens up with a minute of jangly guitars all fuzzed-out and his vocals, but once you get past that the track explodes into a joyful lofi pop jam that straddles on the boundary of surf-rock. It has this tempo that got me all bopping along, in the same regard that Foals early work did.

It's nothing short of vibrant, a delight for your ears - and if you like it then be sure to groove along to the instrumental and the 'alternative master' of the track (both on Spotify). If this is the type of sound Lonely Gimmick is going to be releasing on their forthcoming album it could be the release to get them noticed by thousands of people!