Luna Keller reveals her folky new single, "Ocean Inside Of Me"

The ever amazing Luna Keller just recently revealed her brand new single, "Ocean Inside Of Me", which follows on from her four previous releases of the year - and what a year it's been too! The new cut is yet another example of Luna Keller showcasing why she's now getting some serious numbers on streaming platforms.
Captivating folk-orientated music with tremendous melodies.

Her delicate and fragile vocals quiver ever-so-slightly right from the outset, and with a warm guitar as the backdrop it's already set the tone. A dash of piano tones for that organic feel with acoustic guitars complimenting them like bread does with butter.

Usually I'd say that her vocals are the key element in the track, but here the instruments in the very background of the track is what captured my ears, it's just a blend of subtle sounds that will intrigue you and get you captivated and invested into the track.