Peri Rae reveals the charming new track, "the ocean (i could die)"

With a sharp rise to fame thanks to her debut single and subsequent EP Peri Rae has now revealed her  charming new track, "the ocean (i could die)", and by the sound of it we have a rising star that has the quality to headline festivals by the end of the decade.

... this is a phenomenal track!

The new track is the first since that EP came out and the whole track reminds me of a blend of Holly Humberstone and Radiohead. The single has super-catchy acoustic guitars mixed in with more chunkier alt-rock riffs that help to carry the track into virality.

Speaking about the track Peri Rae says - "This song follows my story from my lowest to my highest, and the build in the song mirrors that. It’s a celebration of life, nature and of creativity out of the city." The track has this massive tone that suggests Peri Rae is going to be going places, mark my words as this is a phenomenal track!