Shy Blossom reveal their massive debut single, "All I Wanted"

Shy Blossom on Friday revealed their debut single, "All I Wanted", and what an entry this is to the scene.  Fronted by Adriana McDonald the track focuses a lot on her sensational vocals with tones lifted from the likes of Blondie to Radiohead (even with the way she projects her vocals it's almost like a parallel-universe Thom Yorke).

A breathtaking rock anthem for a debut single, Shy Blossom could be huge!

For a track that sits in at just three and a half minutes it packs a punch, and as mentioned the vocals are the main attraction but the track has so much more to it. A delightfully jangly and warm guitar is backed up with cascading drums, and as it ticks on by it evolves right before your ears to a point where it's borderline grunge-rock!

"All I Wanted" is lifted from Shy Blossom's upcoming debut album which includes guest performances by Dave Abbruzzese of Pearl Jam no-less!