Signe Vange unveils her nostalgic new single, "Skyscraper"

Friday saw Signe Vange unveil her nostalgic new single, "Skyscraper", which is a collaboration with Lise Westzynthius. The single is the first release from the Danish singer-songwriter since her 2021 EP "Human" came out, and a staggering 11 years since her last stand-alone single.

"Skyscraper" is nothing short but breathtaking in every single way

I have to say this otherwise I'd never forgive myself... if I was waiting a long enough time for an artist I love to release a new single I'd want it to be on the levels of "Skyscraper". The track is just massive in ever single way, the vocals are dreamy and are soaring right into the stratosphere touching almost the angels.

The guitar here is just as crisp as a Autumnal morning in the UK, synths perfectly blended too with them not overpowering the other instruments, and let's not glaze over the fact that the percussion literally leads the track.

"Skyscraper" is nothing short but breathtaking in every single way, and if you'd like to hear more stunning tracks like this then be sure to head into her Spotify where you'll find two EPs and a festive track titled, "Christmas Song".