Book/Spirit drop their thrilling new single, "Meant to Be"

Coming right out of Brooklyn, NY is Book/Spirit and not too long ago the band dropped their thrilling new single, "Meant to Be". Since the band came onto the scene with their debut album "Live at Fremin" they've gone to get some decent streaming numbers, but that now ends with what's most likely to be an all-time classic of theirs. 

A brilliant combination of post-punk sounds mixed with new-wave.

The rush of guitars at the very start is reminiscent of the 2000s alt-rock scene, think of The Strokes, Bloc Party and Franz Ferdinand. The tempo of "Meant to Be" is sensational too with the drumbeat enticing you to (at the very least) stomp your feet - or even get involved with a mosh at a live performance of theirs. Just be sure to keep tuned for the latter third of the track, this for us is where we ended up falling head over heels for it.

The new single is the first lifted off their forthcoming album "Easements", due for the first week of 2024, and judging this LP by the first single I think it could be one of the best albums from a rising act of the year (and it's still 2023!).