Forest Hall reveal their new track "Finding Out On Accident"

Forest Hall last month revealed their brand new track, titled "Finding Out On Accident" it comes in a long a long like of strong tunes since the band launched themselves onto their local scene with their self-titled EP back in 2017.

The trio are based out of Sydney in Australia and the sound that they have is incredibly crunchy and hazy, perfect for one of those lazy days where all you wanna do is chill.

It reminds me a lot of slacker-rock tune with added dream-pop undertones which really helps it get to that atmospheric realm. The mixture of lo-fi and grunge tones is a master-stroke too, and when the chorus came in with that combination of sounds I was instantly turned into a fan.

The best news is that if you like what you hear then they've got plenty more tunes like this, so delve in and give it a spin!