RHY unveils his catchy new cut, "Thai Milk Tea"

Hailing from Perth, WA is RHY and just a few days ago saw the singer-songwriter unveil his catchy new cut, "Thai Milk Tea".

Almost in an instant you're welcomed to the track with a bass-driven lo-fi guitar sound on skittering drum patterns, it's a lo-fi pop lovers wet dream. Once the vocals come in the track almost feels like it evolves in front of you, and it's so smooth thereafter. 
A dreamy collection of psych bursts and lo-fi tones.

RHY's voice matches perfectly up with the track, and when he's not singing you're treated with a sizzling synth tone that feels it's been lifted from Tame Impala's library of sounds! The single is backed up with his other 2023 single release as the B-side, so if you are looking for more tunes to sink your teeth into then delve on in.

With a release on the legendary Kitsuné Musique label and radio play on Triple J airplay it's clear that there are big players that love his sounds, and here's to many more amazing tracks such as this!