Sarah Jane unveils her nostalgic new single, "September"

Sarah Jane has just last week unveiled her nostalgic new single, "September", which acts as third single release since her 2021 EP, "Moth". As you might be able to tell from the intro to the song it's a slightly nostalgic slice of music, and from there I have to admit I was hooked.

With every second passing by it becomes more sonic and euphoric.

I'm getting mid 90s sounds from it and as the song progresses more layers are added, and much like Radiohead's approach it becomes more sonic with every second passing by.

The intimate song becomes more full of life around the midway point with bold drum patterns entering the fold. Here I'd like to mention how strong Sarah's vocals are, and I feel like they can carry the track into the upper atmosphere with how soothing they are. For me what sealed the deal was the last minute where it becomes quite grunge with it's guitar delivery, all in all this track is phenominal.

The single is taken from her upcoming album release called "Yes, I’ve Been Crying" due to be released on the 17th of November this year.