Thy Veils reveals new version of the massive track, "Here We Are Sidereal"

Thy Veils four days ago revealed a new version of their massive track, "Here We Are Sidereal", and it's even bigger than before (which we thought would be hard but turns out to be possible, who knew).
A soaring example of dark tones collide with dreamy synth-pop.

Hailing from the beautiful city of Timisoara in Romania they've created a track that can easily hit the very reaches of the stratosphere. With skittering drumbeats, sonic synth tones and ethereal vocals it's clear to see why this band is going from strength to strength.

All in all the 'Galactic Tick Day' version of "Here We Are Sidereal" is one huge piece of dreamy synth-pop with layers intertwine seamlessly. The addition of some organic guitars and strings just enhances the listening experience giving it plenty of texture, enough that you can feel it flow through your ears.