ANTIBES drop their debut single, "Naked"

Hailing from Verona in Italy is ANTIBES and today marks the day they drop their debut single, "Naked. It's a gentle affair from the outset with a singular vocal and a ukelele blowing in like a gentle breeze on a summer day, and as the track goes by it evolves right before your ears with a slight string section and synths too.

So majestic!

Vocally I get big vibes of The Temper Trap with this, the tones are delightful and are easily dreamy enough that they can capture an audience. When the track plays out it steadily evolves bit by bit, and by the end, there's a deep and brooding synth tone with a drumbeat that you can't help but love.

For a debut single, this is rather majestic, we will be looking upon their career with great interest!