Blackout the Arcade drops their new single, "Overdrive"

Newcastle-based band Blackout the Arcade have just earlier today dropped their new single, "Overdrive", with it being their first since "Avalon" which came out back in September last year. With five months passing they have certainly kept any momentum they had as this track is a belter and a half!
... this track is a belter and a half!

Almost instantly the track gets right into the good-stuff with a soaring guitar line backed up with drum beats that can get anyone with a pulse moving. Vocally I get bit Catfish and the Bottlemen vibes, they're direct and anthemic with it being well mixed into the track that you can easily learn the lyrics within two plays.

The upbeat tempo of the track takes this from just a standard indie-rock tune to one that straddles onto the realm of anthemic rock. I can easily see this being a cornerstone for their live sets and even acting as a turning point for the band with it possibly being their biggest track ever!