HARA shares their dreamy new tune, "Until You Dont"

Based out of Phoenix, AZ is HARA, and today the singer-songwriter has shared his dreamy new tune, "Until You Dont". The single is his third since he started releasing music back in 2023 and is a spritely slice of bedroom pop drizzled with dreamy vocal hooks. 
The single is a spritely slice of bedroom-pop drizzled with dreamy vocal hooks. 

Coming in at just over a couple of minutes long the track certainly doesn't lack anything, it's got a funky drumbeat and bassline which gives it a lot of swagger. Vocally it's dreamy, on the same levels even as Tame Impala if they were less psychedelic.

The track also has a cowbell on it, and if you know me that's a quick way to get me on board - skip to the 85-second mark if you love it too. The fact that the track is so vibrant, upbeat, dreamy, and unique is a testament to HARA's talent, so once you're done with this track be sure to check out his previous two tunes.