Kelsey Montanez unveils her new single, "Infinite Bloom"

Coming out of Chicago, IL is Kelsey Montanezand just this Friday gone she unveiled her brand new single, "Infinite Bloom". The single comes out just as the singer-songwriter smashes past the 250k stream mark on Spotify, and when you give this new offering a spin you too will find out why her music is making waves.

Kelsey Montanez's nostalgic tones will captivate you.

"Infinite Bloom" is a delightful example of a swagger-filled alt-rock anthem with vocals that can captivate new listeners and old alike. Kelsey's vocals on this are sensational and remind me, especially of 90s female-lead bands such as The Cranberries and Garbage. 

The guitars on the song were a big reason why I was swayed so much into liking it, the powerful sounds and the charm they behold were fantastic on the first listen, and if I'm honest got better with subsequent plays. 

The track is so polished with excellent production, it's no wonder why Kelsey has risen to the levels she is at, so be sure to drop by her profile and check out all of her other belters.