Little Strange drop their chunky new tune, "Alright Now"

Just a week ago saw Little Strange drop their chunky new tune, "Alright Now", and it's the first since their November single "Hard Days Hard Times" and is a fine return for the Manchester-based band.

The single is a proper smoke-filled late-night rock anthem!

Much like their previous cuts, the vocals give us big tones of The Black Keys but with an undertone of Mancunian swagger behind it all. The guitars on "Alright Now" are as big as anything Oasis ever put their name to, and if I'm being honest the mood of the whole song can easily take the aforementioned band for a run too.

The single is a proper musty and smoke-filled late-night rock anthem that I can see thousands of hyped-up fans going mad for in a live setting. If you love this new cut from the Manchester quartet then be sure to drop by their socials as they could be one of the next rising bands emerging from the city, and with plenty of local hype surrounding them, it's a matter of time until they go national (and beyond).