Mercurius shares their sweet new song, "Streetlights"

The Morpeth-based Mercurius has recently shared their sweet new song, "Streetlights", with it featuring Jasmine Crichton on guest vocals. The new release by the duo is their first since their 2023 release, "Make A Difference", and it keeps up the upbeat tones heard in said song.
"Streetlights" put a smile on my face, and for that I love it.

The new slice of music if anything is their most upbeat one yet, and the fresh sound of Jasmine's vocals added into the mix really enhances it and takes it from just another indie-pop track to one that can dominate the festival season.

It's still a classic upbeat track, but the nostalgic nature of the song is so strong, giving me strong early morning 1990s MTV vibes. The soft sound of the track honestly hit a chord with me, and I feel like that's a major reason why I sat through the full six minutes with a smile on my face.