The Dream Spiral reveals the nostalgic new tune, "Redemption"

Following on from their 2022 debut single, "Life on Mars",. is The Dream Spiral. The new song recently revealed the nostalgic tune, "Redemption". Almost instantly you may think this will be a darker track, with that incredibly haunting atmosphere vibe welcoming you in, but as soon as the main set of instruments comes in the track gets huge, and quick!

Funky, nostalgic, and grunge-laden - an absolute treat for your ears.

The drum works perfectly with the scratching guitar sounds, and when the bass came in I felt it throbbing right through my body. The lead guitar in this is divine too, working perfectly with the vocals that seemingly take me back to the 90s grunge scene.

The track sits in at over four minutes long, and the ride you are taken on is well worth it. Just imagine this in a live setting, the amount of bumping and grinding would be borderline illegal, it's so dirty and funky it needs its own genre!