A Short Walk to Pluto drops stunning cover of "Everybody Wants To Rule The World"

Emerging from the ever-impressing scene in Toronto in Canada is a rising quartet that's looking to turn loads of heads. A Short Walk to Pluto is the band in question and they've recently dropped stunning a cover of  Tears For Fear's legendary track, "Everybody Wants To Rule The World".

Not far off from a flawless cover, they inject such a new energy to a classic tune.

This song could easily be one of the most covered songs on Spotify, but what this foursome has done is inject a lot of spice into their rendition while also giving new listeners a glimmer of what they're all about.

Vocally it's better than the original, and I know the die-hards will come at me for it but when I hear polished vocals that are angelic such as this I'm easily won over. Musically it's almost expected to sound similar to the original but with its own deep and flavourful guitar lines that caught my ear. Of course, add in tumbling drums and a pulsating bassline and we're not far from a flawless cover.